Farmers’ Market 2016

NVSS at the Farmers' Market 5.162016 Farmers Market is up and running and Napa Valley Support Services is bringing its freshest batch of artwork and crafts to sell. Bill, a client at our Imperial Way program, is one of the longest-running NVSS attendees yet. Since 2007, he has come out to support NVSS artists and to enjoy seeing all the different people that walk around Farmers Market.

Maria and Diane, staff from Imperial Way and Brown Street Gallery respectively, described the NVSS commitment to Farmers Market. Every Tuesday morning at 6:30 the team arrives at the Century Theaters’ parking lot to set up for the day. With tents, tables, chairs, and of course artwork and crafts in tow, they eagerly await the crowd. Napa Valley Support Services attends Napa Farmers Market every Tuesday from 8am to 12pm. Come check us out!