Napa Rocks

Napa RocksDanielle’s team has been participating in “Napa Rocks”, a Facebook group where people post where they have hidden rocks and other people go and find them. When you find a rock you can keep it or re-hide it. They have decorated and hidden lots of rocks as well as found some.

On one of these adventures, the team had extra time before heading back to program so Danielle checked on Facebook to see if any rocks were hidden in the area. There was, at the 911 memorial. Devin was looking for the rock when she asked, “Where’s the rock?” Danielle told her someone else must have found it. Then a woman started waving to Danielle to get her attention, she showed her a rock and put it back down on the ground to be found. When Devin found the rock she was so excited she was jumping up and down. The woman was watching Devin and Danielle waved and thanked her.