Job Club


Tuesdays 9:30 – 11:30 The Job Search
Wednesdays 1:30 – 2:30 Intro to Job Club; 7 sessions
Thursdays 10:30 – 11:30 Maintenance Job Club

NPS will have a minimum of 1x weekly contact with each individual.


WEEK 1: Resume Workshop

  • Master Application
  • Resume Development
  • References


Individuals will develop an updated, professional resume and a master application to enable them to fill out job applications with ease.

WEEK 2: Match Your Talents to a Job

  • Interest Analysis
  • Career Exploration


Individuals will know what type of job they want to pursue and their options/similar choices.

WEEK 3: Self Presentation

  • General Self Esteem
  • What Employers Want


Individuals will learn about communicating assertively in various situations and how self-esteem affects presentation.

WEEK 4: Know Your Limits

  • What you don’t want in your job
  • How do you talk to an employer about limitations you may have?
  • Information on community resources and support


Individual will understand how to present limitations as needed.

WEEK 5: Successful Interviewing

  • Interview preparation
  • interview behavior
  • Mock interviews


Individual will express comfort and interview well.

WEEK 6: Job Search Methods

  • Newspaper, Online search engines, Yellow Pages method
  • Hidden job market; build your network


Individuals will learn about various job search methods.

WEEK 7: Know Your Responsibilities

  • How to keep track of how things are going
  • Techniques on how to run a successful job search
  • Reviewing your Individual Service Plan


Individuals will know how to actively participate in their job search.

Job Search Class

Job Search Class is designed to teach people "the how to" in looking for work in hopes that the skills they have learned will assist them in future job search endeavors e.g. they will be able to independently look for work. There are a variety of job search avenues discussed such as the hidden job market, online search or cold calls. We also teach job club participants how to access Napa County’s "workforce Napa" they offer the unemployed community access to computers and job leads. (note, the county does not have the resources to assist each individual at the intense level that we do.)

Some clients are looking for career work with credentials, in fields such as welding, CNA, or driving/transportation. Others have never worked and are assisted in defining what types of jobs they are looking for. Once a client’s resume and master application (with detailed and pertinent info and reference lists) has been developed they are required to attend Job Search Class.  Clients must always bring their resume and master application to enable them to apply for jobs.

Also taught is how to complete online application, which can be an overwhelming and tedious process.  We practice making "cold calls" to businesses so people become comfortable speaking about their job search. Clients are required to keep a log of their job search activities. Homework is given, e.g., ask 3 acquaintances if there are any job openings at their place of work or pick up an application from a prospective employer. The outcome of this class is to find a job.

Maintenance Job Club

Interviewing is the last step in obtaining a job. Most are nervous and have little experience interviewing. This class is designed to raise a client’s comfort level as well as develop appropriate responses to questions. Within each month this class covers what types of questions are asked in interviews, answers each person might give and finally "formal interviews" are role-played. The client is expected to "dress for success" and be interviewed by a panel of individuals, who they are not familiar with. Guest speakers also discuss "what an employer wants". The outcome of this class is to educate individuals regarding marketing themselves to a prospective employer. Also addressed is the best way to present any barriers they might have to employment.

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