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Members of Napa Personnel SystemsDepending on the individual’s requirements, the following personnel services may be utilized through Napa Personnel Systems (NPS):

Job Assessment: offers an individual the opportunity to try out different jobs and assess their skills, strengths and needs in order to find the best job match.

Work Adjustment: develops job skills as well as the understanding of the expectations of employers.

Job Preparation: assists individuals to develop work related skills, e.g., interviewing skills, resume development & job seeking skills.

Job Club:  We have a job club that meets three times a week. These meetings give people a chance to talk about their job search.

Job Development and Placement: during job development our job developers negotiate job opportunities with employers in either group or individual placement.

Job Coaching: a job coach accompanies & trains the individual up to a 100% of the time worked and provides all additional employment related support until it is determined that fading instruction is appropriate. Active training is then faded, and the new focus becomes teaching the individual how to access information independently. Job coaching can occur on or off the job site.

Job Maintenance: the job coach continues to maintain regular contact with the individual and employer to ensure employment success. In the event further training is necessary, the employer or the employee may ask for NPS support.

Job Crews:  provide work opportunities to individuals who need ongoing supervision and training on the job.

LIP “Life in Progress”:  LIP Club offers an opportunity for individuals to meet with their peers once a month.  We provide presentations from employers and other community representatives, talk about work-related concerns, and participate in recreational activities.

Our Track Record  We are proud that most of the people we help find jobs stay with their jobs and like them.  Since 1986, we have been recognized as a company that meets standards of excellence in job placement by “carf International”.  Go to for more information.

Experience Our team has the combined experience of over 95 years in Job Development, Placement and Coaching!
For more information or to discuss program options contact:

Jeannie Smith, NPS Program Director
(707) 253-7490

Beth Kahiga, NVSS Executive Director
(707) 253-7490