NVSS Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan


To live in a society where individuals with disabilities are contributing members of their communities and are supported by caring and professional quality staff working together.

NPS Worker

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Read about our Goals, how we plan to achieve them and what progress has been made so far. Click here for details.

NPS worker

NPS worker


We provide personalized support for the individuals we serve. We believe that it is important to be flexible.

We believe that all individuals have something to offer. Our task is to determine their abilities and to support their development.

We encourage collaboration in finding solutions and believe that everyone’s time and input are valuable.

We are committed to all levels of support. We exhibit this by respecting each other in how we work together, and by treating each other as we would like to be treated.

We embrace innovation and creativity – we welcome opportunities to learn, and to explore new approaches.

We embrace the challenges and opportunities brought on by our belief in continuous quality improvement.

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