Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan below is broken up into the following sections:
Finance and Development
Agency (Imaging/Marketing)

 (as a result of using the plan)
 (strategies to reach desired outcome)
Each individual we support gets maximum satisfaction from Agency services Individuals we support are telling us they want to make more money. Minimum wage is increasing again in 1/2017, which increases wages across the board
  • Expanded work opportunities.
  • Identify new opportunities for work for individuals we support.
Develop 2 new job opportunities by October 2017  through interactions with mid-managers to provided ongoing training in customized job development.
  • Employment Specialists and Program Specialists are working together to develop job opportunities.
  • Program Director is working to develop a janitorial crew of the individuals we support for NVSS.
  • Individuals at Imperial Way and Brown Street Gallery are being referred to Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) for Work Adjustments, Situational Assessments, Supported Employment.
Each individual we support gets maximum satisfaction from Agency services (cont…) WIOA (Work Incentive Opportunities Act) has changed requirements of 14c certificate holders who pay subminimum wage. NVSS meets WIOA requirements. NVSS is working toward all individuals supported earning minimum wage without losing previous income base.
  • Continue to develop increases in contracts to support paying individuals’  minimum wage to ensure all individuals that want to, continue employment at current job.
  • Continue to develop training curriculum to assist individuals with disabilities to increase their stamina, social skills, and choices for community work environment.
  • Three individuals supported by NPS left group placement making subminimum wage for individual placements making minimum wage.
  • Imperial Way transitioned 80+ individuals from sub minimum to minimum wage
  • Increased contract amounts to support paying the 80 individuals
  • Gym Zone housekeeping job site developed for a group of 3 people
  • CBEM housekeeping job site developed for a group of 3 people
  • Developed the following classes: Advocacy, Job Club, Nutrition, Wellness, American Sign Language
Each individual we support gets maximum satisfaction from Agency services (cont…) Individuals supported in day programs are identifying their ultimate goals.  NVSS needs to develop a system to create person centered outcomes and tracking for these outcomes.
  • Develop capabilities & promotion of lifelong learning for supported individuals.
  • Develop volunteer positions and other community opportunities for the individuals supported by NVSS.
Develop volunteers and staff guest speakers and instructors to provide instruction on information requested by individuals supported by NVSS.
  • Clients’ Rights 1 hour Training by Office of Clients’ Rights
  • Self-Advocacy 1 hour training by Project SEED
  • Developed the following volunteer opportunities: six people (two groups) serving meals twice a week and nine (three groups) delivering meals four times a week with Meals on Wheels, three people volunteering at the Food Bank
  • Researching Innovation Community Center
  • BSG Program Supervisor is researching opportunities to use craft rooms/classes at Senior Center
  • Opportunities in community: Cooking Class held at Methodist Church
  • Executive Director (ED) developing relationships with other nonprofit agencies for possible volunteer/work opportunities at Community Resources for Children, Lincoln Theater, Connolly Ranch
Each individual we support gets maximum satisfaction from Agency services (cont…) Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service have developed regulations for more person centered and community based services. NVSS continues its philosophy of employment first and is currently training the Associate Director to be a Credentialed Person Centered Thinking trainer. NVSS is currently using some of the person centered tools in annual meetings and is revising Needs and Services Plans to be more Person Centered. Every Individual NVSS supports has a person centered plan.
  • BSG and IW will develop schedules to promote learning and choice.
  • Ultimate Goals will be identified and plans developed for each individual supported by NVSS by 3-2019
  • More class opportunities have been developed
  • Daily class board offers flexibility for individual classes
  • Piloting Person Centered Thinking (PCT) guide to use for Person Centered Training and annual meetings
  • PCT Guide includes individuals’ picture and developing ultimate goals
  • Applying for a grant to transition services to more PCT
Each individual we support gets maximum satisfaction from Agency services (cont…) Currently NVSS provides services to individuals with Autism and we can increase our skills to provide continuous quality improvement of services. Develop staff capabilities to support people with Autism. Provide comprehensive training that includes information on how to support the needs of people who experience Autism to all staff.
  • NVSS continues to provide training on Department of Developmental Services, Safety Net, CARF, Source America, Autism.
  • NVSS continues to ensure that all staff completes the Enhancing Lives training modules within three months of hire date.
Imperial Way will apply for a behavior services and work with North Bay Regional Center (NBRC) to receive vendorization to provide a behavior services program.
  • Dropped to develop Person Centered Thinking opportunities and plans.
 (as a result of using the plan)
 (strategies to reach desired outcome)
Retain staff by developing career vs. jobs. Low wages in general. NVSS invests in staff by

  • Asking for feedback
  • Providing trainings.
  • Diversity of staff.
  • Generous benefit package.
  • Staff appreciation celebrations.
  • Developing career opportunities (11 mid managers and BSG Behavior Specialist 1 and 2 levels).
  • Recently hired HR/Admin Director to assist with staff development.
  • Provide competitive compensation for our field.
  • Improve morale
  • Reduce Direct Service Provider (DSP) turnover.
  • Develop ways to provide better staff satisfaction.
  • Advocate for rate increases to promote quality retention and recruitment of direct service staff.
  • NVSS participated in rallies to receive rate increase for staff wages
  • Two staff surveys: Job Satisfaction and Morale
  • Staff Appreciation celebration was suggested by staff and provided by management team. Staff expressed they felt appreciated.
Board Development Board of Directors developed and is developing committees and is engaged, committed, active. New recruitment procedure is being implemented. Recruitment and diversity of board members.
  • Continuing to develop procedures for succession and define mentor program for new BOD members.
  • Managers provide potential board candidates from interested family members.
  • Board President succession occurred.
  • Vice President succession occurred.
  • Still working on Treasurer position.
  • Board has recruited four new committee members that could potentially become board members.
  • Managers continue to provide potential board member candidates from interested family members.
Developing/ exploring new avenues to recruit board members Development of Board of Director Committees.
  • Develop Marketing Committee
  • Develop Grant Committee
  • Developed infrastructure of committees.
  • Marta Cornejo is chairing her second year of the Fundraising Committee
Board Development (cont…) Developing/exploring new avenues to recruit board members. Development of Board of Director committees.
  • Develop Marketing Committee.
  • Develop Grant Committee.
  • Develop Resource Generation Committee (RGC)
  • Resource Generation Committee developed.
Board Development (cont…) Over the past several years, the board has developed its capacity to grow the organization. The agency currently is embracing continuous quality improvement and needs a strong infrastructure to support this venture. There aren’t available funds to purchase new systems or hire other positions that may be needed to provide continuous quality improvement. Continued direction and participation from the BOD. A BOD follow up Goal Planning meeting will be scheduled by February 2017.
  • NVSS has hired an HR/Admin Director and reorganized the administrative department to become more efficient and effective.
(as a result of using the plan)
(strategies to reach desired outcome)
To increase and strengthen revenue Developing resources through the BOD Resource Generation Committee to do what we need to do to provide continuous quality improvement.
  • Increased non-state revenue.
  • Increased state and Federal revenue.
  • Maintain/Increase income from contracts annually.
  • Management does site visits to ensure quality assurance and training of individuals we support.
  • Continue lobbying through CDSA, etc…
  • Bill AB2-1 passed to increase rates.
  • Research Medicare and WC Funding.
Promote CQI by researching and implementing HRIS and payroll system.
  • Research Medicare and WC Funding.
See Financial Statement for June 2016 as NVSS has ample funds to continue providing services, but due to weakness stated in the SWOT, needs to increase funds received through Regional Center, Department of Rehabilitation, and other resources.
  • Maintain/Increase Federal and State funding.
  • Increased non-state revenue.
  • Establish legislative champions.
  • NVSS to participate in grassroots activities.
  • Beth via CDSA to educate legislators.
  • NVSS family and staff will continue to educate legislators through grassroots efforts.
NVSS was nominated by Assemblyman Dodd and selected by AT&T for the AT&T Invest in California award and received $1250.
Develop funding that supports our programs Currently we do not have a Grants Committee. ED is researching and procuring available grants. Development of program opportunities and funding of current programs by utilizing grants, donations, and sponsorships.
  • Continue to identify opportunities, apply for grants, and develop relationships to be invited to submit grants.
  • RGC needs to discuss capacity for Grant Making.
  • ED will continue to develop relationship with Gasser foundation, Napa Valley Community Foundation, and Community Projects.
  • Received grant through Community Projects to purchase touchscreen computers for individuals NVSS supports.
  • Received grant for NVSS financial management training through Napa Valley Community Foundation, Richard E. Jones Foundation, and Auction Napa Valley.
GOAL WHERE ARE WE NOW? DESIRED OUTCOME  (as a result of using the plan) HOW WE WILL GET THERE  (strategies that will help reach the desired outcome) PROGRESS
Increase awareness of Napa Valley Support Services Exploring the costs and benefits of increasing our public relations efforts. More partnership and collaboration with the community.
  • Management attends community networking events.
  • Redesigning NVSS website to include tour request tab.
  • Management staff attended Mayor’s Breakfast, Napa Valley Employment Opportunity, Hispanic Network, Opportunity Fair at SDC, Napa Noon Rotary, Vendor Advisory Committee, NBRC, Business Showcase.
  • ED volunteering at Phillips School.
  • Executive Director is a Napa Valley Transportation Authority (NVTA) board member.
More visual identifiers in the community. Research new signs at Brown Street Gallery
Create Marketing & Strategy Plan Continue to market plan to increase awareness. NVSS t-shirts purchased for employees, BOD, and individuals we support
Develop good will with community Money and resources to do a variety of things Promote Napa Valley Support Services
  • T-shirt Day is last Friday of every month
  • 30 second “elevator speech” given to everyone
PR/Marketing Committee
  • Articles and interview in various news media.
  • A blog-e.g. success stories as featured articles on the NVSS website.
  • Success stories are posted on newly created Facebook page and website blog.
  • Individuals we support ask to be featured.