“I am very impressed with the quality of the candidates from Napa Personnel Systems who have such great potential to stretch and grow into valuable employees for the Napa community.”

— Rosemarie Hari
Manager of Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy

“Jamie, Maurice and Tommy along with Coach Karen, keep the Vintage Estate  kitchen spotless and clean, even on the busiest of days.”

— Kevin Miller
Head Chef, Vintage Estate

“I totally rely on Dan and trust his work.  He’s probably the best employee I’ve had.  He shows up when scheduled, is never late and goes straight to work. He loves dogs, works hard, and doesn’t complain. He’s been here over three years now. NPS is here to support him and they work hard to make good job matches when my staff needs expand.”

— Patryce Mendoza
Owner, Camp Rawhide Doggy Daycare and Boarding, Napa

“We’ve enjoyed having Jake at Carl’s Jr. the past 4 years. He’s well-liked by everyone, both coworkers and customers.  He’s always on time, he knows the job well and knows how to keep himself doing work that needs to be done. And he’s right there when called to assist others. I know I can count on NPS to find good people to fill positions at Carl’s Jr. and for follow through in supporting them on the job.”

— Dale Galbraith
Manager, Carl’s Jr. Restaurant, Napa

“Working with Napa Valley Support Services has been our pleasure. The employees from Napa Valley Support Services provide Lixit with a stable and dedicated workforce that has close to perfect attendance and their employees love their jobs. Lixit has had substantial growth in the past year. We could not have accomplished this without the employees from Napa Valley Support Services.”

— Linda Parks
President and CEO, Lixit Animal Care Products

“Agustin is a very hard worker and he made an instant impression with the rest of the staff. He will fit nicely with us here.”

— Chef Adolfo Garcia of
Chardonnay Golf Club

“NPS provides a great service through job coaching that enables smoother transition into the working environment, high work standards and specialized, individual attention that assists those who need it.”

— Robert Witcher
Executive Housekeeper, The Meritage Resort and Spa & Vino Bello Resort