Why Hire NVSS?

We’re Good For Business!
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Cleaning crew memberOn a direct hire or a contract basis, NVSS can put together crews of clients to perform ongoing assembly, packaging, food prep, dishwashing, hotel or private-home housekeeping, office cleaning, paper shredding, janitorial, landscaping, clerical or other services depending on an employer’s needs. During all crew work hours, NVSS provides a job coach to oversee the crew. You can hire individuals directly or you can contract with NVSS.

We have many stories about how our clients grow through work, but we’re also good for your business.

Yard crewNapa Valley Support Services offers major benefits to local employers. Our individuals, your potential employees, are qualified, enthusiastic and backed by a professional team.


Click here find out about tax credits available to employers who hire people with disabilities.


By reducing the high cost of job training, supervision and absenteeism, we can help you save money from each payroll dollar.


By reducing the high turnover rates and improving productivity and morale, we give your firm a boost. Our workers are motivated and productive.


By backing our workers with everything from vocational skills and employee counseling to on-the-job training and supervision, we make sure that you get the results you want.

cleaning crewTHE CHOICE IS YOURS

You can hire a worker directly, or you can contract with NPS.


Whether you choose a contract or a direct hire, we provide a highly qualified job coach to train and support our workers on the job. We can do the jobs you never have time to get done, the high turnover jobs, and we will do them enthusiastically.

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