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Since 1956 we have supported people with developmental disabilities and the Napa community grow together. Services at Imperial Way are directed toward supporting each individual to maximize their personal and vocational potential. 70% of the individuals participating at Imperial Way work in the community.  We encourage community participation in all areas of learning, including support to access the Napa Valley College.


Contracts with local businesses allow small groups of workers to build skills, receive pay for work performed and contribute their skills to an employer who has a particular need.  Work can range from 2 to 20 hours per week.

Proud of employmentFor individuals who prefer not to work in the community, for various reasons, but still want the opportunity to earn some income there are in-house work opportunities.

The goal for working individuals is to build their skills while increasing their confidence and independence on the job.

Community Life

Individuals may receive instruction in personal care and grooming, establishing and maintaining good health habits, learning and utilizing public transportation and participating in the Napa community.

Workers at Napa Valley CollegeRecreation and Leisure Skills

Individuals who are interested can participate in creative art classes, music and movement, rhythmic arts, relaxation techniques, sports and exercise activities.

Behavior and Social Skills

Our staff assists people to learn socially acceptable ways of communicating, developing friendships, getting along with others, building positive and respectful social interaction amongst peers, co-workers, employers and all people in the community.

Basic educationBasic Education

Individuals can choose to develop computers skills, functional academics and money management skills.

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Emmy Bennett, Program Director

Imperial Way
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