Employment Coordinator

Revision Date:  April 2024
Employment Coordinator – Person Centered

Responsible to:      
Program Director (NPS)                             
Wage Range:  $19.25 – $23.75

Responsible for:    
Assist the Employment Specialists, Director and provide support to enable individuals who are supported by Napa Personnel Systems to obtain and retain their jobs. 

Hours of work:        
Monday through Friday, 8 hours per day with flexible starting time as needed for coverage purposes.



Program Responsibilities:

  • Obtain authorizations from the Department of Rehabilitation for needed services.
  • Provide all needed information to individuals NPS supports to enable them to work e.g., transportation instruction, work introductions, child care options, assistance in filling out necessary paperwork.
  • Obtain materials for Employment Preparation.
  • Assist individuals with on line applications.
  • Assist Employment Specialists in the completion of documention e.g., IHSPs, semi-annual and intake paperwork, editing of assessment reports.
  • Assist Employment Specialist/Job Coaches in scheduling meetings.
  • Maintain the Job Development database.
  • Provide job coaching for office situational assessments/work adjustments while performing other assigned duties.
  • Fill in at other job sites when job coaching is needed and as directed by the Program Director. 
  • Collect all data relevant to the agency Management Information System.
  • Complete the CIE and PIP incentive payment programs and bill them on the NBRC E-Billing
  • 2. Create invoices and investigate the aging report in QuickBooks,  and follow up and ensure payment
  • 3. Complete the Client Paid Internship wage packets and bill them on the NBRC EBilling
  • 4. Complete the Self Determination Program paperwork, invoice, and send for payment
  • 5. Job Coaching for Clerical Situational Assessment – Individual Wages, completing the paperwork, requesting the authorization, invoicing, and sending for payment
  • 6. Initial Safety Training with new Job Coaches after orientation
  • 7. Take meeting minutes. 

Case Management Responsibilities

  • Complete monthly billing of hours authorized by the Department of Rehabilitation/North Bay Regional Center.
  • Completion of the NPS HN1084 Group Habilitation Bill.
  • Collect and review for accuracy individual intervention sheets, case notes, referral list, termination list current placement list, monthly reports etc.
  • Coordinate, collect and review timesheets and Job Coach interventions to ensure all billing is thorough and ethical.
  • Update the monthly Job Coach hours for NPS, based on authorized hours.
  • Coordinate the scheduling of assessments and work adjustments.
  • Follow up on all necessary needs to ensure successful job placement.
  • Type resumes and monthly reports as needed.
  • Assist individuals with disabilities to make decisions that will enhance job placement as identified by Employment Specialist, e.g., choosing appropriate clothing for a job interview.
  • Ensure all files are current and up to date.
  • Ensure all consumer information is up to date and distributed as needed.

Trainin/Staff Responsibilities:

  • Attend conferences and workshops for professional development.
  • Arrange for trained substitute job coaches as needed for job coaching within NPS.
  • Inform the program director when problems arise.
  • Serve on committees as needed.

Safety/Tranporation Responsibilities

  • Be aware of safety procedures and location of safety manual.
  • Maintain a safe working environment for individuals and job coaches. 
  • Immediately inform management staff if an unsafe situation occurs or is observed.
  • Implement Injury/Illness Prevention Program (SB198).

Communication Responsibilities:

  • Responsible to inform program director in writing when a communication issue arises.
  • When appropriate, assist in the development and implementation of a participant’s communication plan using person centered skills to document a variety of information including, but not limited to, what is working or not working to promote success.
  • Complete Special Incident Reports as needed (SIRs).

Other Responsibilities 

  • Assist in the development and implement program policies and procedures relative to NPS in coordination with NPS Program Director.
  • Participate in person-centered training. 
  • Provide assistance and conduct classes for people supported by NVSS as required/necessary.
  • Must have the ability to work overtime when needed.

Other Expectations:

  •     Be familiar with and adhere to NVSS Mission Statement and philosophies.
  •     Follow agency policies and procedures.
  • On behalf of the Agency, help create a working environment that encourages teamwork and work as a team member.
  • Follow the Mandated Reporter requirements by immediately communicating concerns of abuse to NVSS management, the Department of Social Services and, when appropriate, the Obudsman and the police.
  •    Assist in program evaluation.
  •    Participate in all staff meetings, and training sessions related to the position.
  •    Serve on committees.
  •    Interact, communicate and cooperate well with coworkers, supervisors, subordinates and customers.
  •     Keep coworkers, supervisor, subordinates and customers informed.
  • Develop professionally by attending conferences/workshops, etc. seek opportunities to learn and grow.
  •    Take an active role in providing and participating in employee development opportunities.
  •    Regular attendance and punctuality.
  •    Champion new ideas, processes and programs.
  •    Take personal responsibility for actions.
  •    Solve problems and communicate solutions with the Program Director.
  •    Provide good customer service.

Ensure follow through of all responsibilities and assigned tasks.

  • Perform other relevant duties as required by Program Director.

Knowledge & Abilities

  • Knowledge, ability and willingness to implement supported employment concepts and techniques including customized employment.
  • Ability and willingness to implement person-centered thinking skills and outcomes. 
  • Demonstrate maturity and cultural competency while working with diverse populations.
  • Knowledge, ability and willingness to implement one-to-one and group training techniques and analyze jobs. 
  • Ability and willingness to work effectively with employers in community job site.
  • Strong communication, organizational and leadership skills.
  • Ability and willingness to present the program in a positive and professional manner. 
  • Ability and willingness to work effectively and efficiently with individuals who have disabilities, rehabilitation counselors and employers.  
  • Ability to interact and communicate with individuals, employers and staff in a compassionate  non-critical, non judgmental, objective  manner.



  • High School diploma or equivelent
  • Prefer two years college with emphasis on Special Education, Rehabilitation or a closely related field or a 2 years exrperience in a similar position or business administration.


  • Prefer experience working with adults with intullectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Administrative experience of 2 years working in an office environment.         

Physical Requirements        

  • Employee may experience the following physical demands for extended periods of time:
    • Keyboarding
    • Viewing computer screens
    • Driving / Traveling
    • Lifting up to 30 pounds 
    • Sitting/standing for extended periods.


  • Current California Driver’s License, with an acceptable driving record 
  • A reliable vehicle and is insured and in good running condition.
  • Must pass criminal record background check, drug screening, physical exam and TB test.
  • Meet all California Department of Public Health orders

Acknowledgment of Responsibilities:

I understand that, for business reasons I may be asked to move from my current program into another NVSS program with similar responsibilities as the need arises.

I further understand that I will be provided with any training needed.  I acknowledge that a program or position shift may be permanent and this will be fully discussed with me prior to any permanent change being made.

I have read and understand the responsibilities of my job description. I further acknowledge that my performance will be evaluated by my immediate supervisor and or the Program Director or Executive Director. I am aware of the responsibilities involved with this position and will fulfill these responsibilities to the best of my abilities.