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Responsible to: Program Director

Responsible for: Engage in person-centered thinking and implement person-centered philosophies in all aspect of responsibilities. Organize and collect information, support and provide opportunities to discover, engage and participate  in all aspects of life in the community and at NVSS. These duties are 100% of the job responsibilities and qualify as direct support professionals.

Hours of work: Monday through Friday, 8 hours per day with flexible starting time between 7:00AM & 8:00 AM

Status: Non-Exempt


Support Responsibilities:

  • Encourage  Individuals supported by NVSS in  skills to achieve their outcomes as identified in the NVSS Individual Instruction Plan (IIP aka Person-Centered Outcome Plan) and in their Individual Program Plans (IPPs) provided by Regional Center.
  • Engage  all Individuals supported by NVSS to discover their gifts, talents and dreams and develop an Outcome Plan with the person and their identified ID team, including but not limited to: The person support by NVSS, Regional Center representative, Program Specialist, Care Provider (when appropriate) and others the person wants to attend.
  • Use person-centered skills and Outcome Plans updates to document information necessary for accountability.
  • Provide information as requested by the Program Specialists/Director on outcomes and progress toward the person’s Outcome Plan and any changes to the Outcomes Plan.

Studio Responsibilities:

  • Keeping the studio clean and organized.
  • Communicate with responsible person when running low on supplies.
  • Responsible for quality control of artwork in the studio.
  • Responsible to maintain accurate Daily Activities Record for assigned Individuals supported by NVSS.

Community Art  Responsibilities: 

  • Responsible to ensure participation in at least one or more of the following for 25% of the time:
  • Community art classes
  • Curate/ Install community/ Brown Street exhibitions.
  • Up keep of Brown Street boutique.
  • Market Brown Street in the community.

Behavioral Responsibilities:

  • Inform Program Director in writing or verbally when behavior challenges arise.
  • Responsible to use appropriate person-center skills and work with the person supported and the team they identify to determine the best way to support them.

Safety/Transportation Responsibilities:

  • Research with the person supported by NVSS and provide/identify the best means of  transportation to community discovery and engagement sites; (e.g., City Bus, NVSS van, instructor vehicle, Uber).
  • Ensure NVSS vehicles are clean pre and post trips and communicate if they are not clean to the Program Specialists.
  • Conduct a pre trip safety inspection of any NVSS vehicle you use by filling out required documentation and verbally communicating any issues that need to be fixed to the Program Specialist..
  • Work with the people you support at NVSS to know and follow safety procedures including participating in emergency drills.
  • Be aware of and follow safety procedures and know the location of safety manual.
  • Immediately inform management staff if an unsafe situation occurs or is observed by completing the Incident Investigation Report Form and submitting it to the Program Specialist.
  • Document special incidents on the proper forms as outlined in Special Incident Report, SIR procedures.
  • Immediately inform management when someone support by NVSS is injured or sick.
  • Supervise assigned Individuals supported by NVSS at ALL times or as documented in the IPP and/or IIP (aka Person-Centered Outcome Plan).
  • Ensure safety of Individuals supported by NVSS at all times.

Community Responsibilities:

  • On a regular basis, plan and implement community engagement activities with individuals supported by NVSS.
  • Assist the people supposed by NVSS to develop and present new opportunities to others in the program.
  • Keep emergency numbers and updated procedures for all Individuals supported by NVSS in community jobs, classes and activities.
  • Prepare materials and plan for community discovery and engagement classes and request materials needed.
  • Plan weekly activities with Individuals supported by NVSS in community discovery and engagement classes.
  • Assist people you support to request money (when appropriate) from the Program Assistant for community discovery and engagement classes and as requested work with the individual to keep and submit their receipts to the Program Assistant.
  • Promote good public relations in the community both for NVSS and with the Individuals supported by NVSS.

Other Expectations:

  • On behalf of the Agency, act as a guardian for a pleasant working environment by being courteous and interacting positively with everyone during work hours.
  • Follow the Mandated Reporter requirements by immediately communicating concerns of abuse to the supervisor, Director or the Ombudsman.
  • Participate in required break, restroom and van duties.
  • Work through lunch break for safety and supervision of Individuals supported by NVSS (please refer to the Meal Break Waiver policy).
  • Serve on committees as needed.
  • Provide coverage for the people we support/classes whenever necessary.
  • Regular attendance and punctuality.
  • Communicate with supervisor on a regular basis.
  • Attend annual and semiannual meetings with the person supported by NVSS and regional center staff.
  • Act as advocate with Individuals supported by NVSS at all times
  • Attend Opportunity Club as needed/requested.
  • Be familiar with NVSS Mission Statement.
  • Work as a team member and interact well with other staff  members.
  • Assist with personal care needs of certain Individuals supported by NVSS as needed.
  • Take responsibility for actions.
  • Solve problems and communicate solutions with the program director.
  • Interact well with all Individuals supported by NVSS.
  • To perform other duties as requested by program specialist and director.
  • Provide good customer service.


High School Diploma or equivalent with 2 years of college preferred, with emphasis on Special Education or a closely related field.

Prefer one year paid experience working with people with developmental disabilities.


  • Ability and willingness to lift 30 lbs., use a mop, vacuum and perform various entry level work tasks.
  • Ability and willingness to physically transfer adults.
  • Ability and willingness to work as a team member using a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • Current California Driver’s License, a four passenger vehicle that is insured and in good running condition and an acceptable driving record.
  • Must pass and maintain the ability to pass criminal record background check, drug screening, physical exam and TB test.
  • Meet all California Department of Public Health orders, e.g., mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.

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