Napa Personnel Systems

Napa Personnel Systems

NPS photo 1Since 1985, Napa Personnel Systems (NPS) has been supporting individuals with disabilities find, learn and maintain jobs.  Since everyone is different, we do this one person at a time. Our services are for adults who are supported by either the Department of Rehabilitation or North Bay Regional Center. We provide employment related support to over 180 individuals annually throughout the Napa Valley.

Depending on the individual’s requirements a variety of personnel services may be utilized such as learning how to search for a job, interview with a potential employer, how to get to and from work or paid opportunities to try a job. Learn more:  Meet NPS or Job Club Curriculum
NPS photo 2We are proud that most of the people we help find jobs stay with their jobs and like them.  Since 1986, we have been recognized as a company that meets standards of excellence in job placement by CARF (the Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission. Go to for more information.

For more information or to discuss program options contact:

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Jeannie Smith, NPS Program Director

Napa Personnel Systems
1119 Jordan Lane, Napa, CA  94559